Data protection law in the IT industry

A screen for your data

Privacy is the key issue. Companies in the IT industry can no longer afford to take the issue of information security and data protection lightly.

Data protection law

If a user loses trust in your company, he / she switches to the competition.

Good data protection is creating competitive advantages.

Violations of data protection or security gaps in IT are the focus of the public. Our recommendation: Explain privacy and IT security to the top topic in management, so you do not even have to deal with expensive warnings or penal procedures of the data protection authorities.

Privacy in international business

We have many years of experience in the examination and documentation of data transmissions abroad – be it corporate or external. As an IT law firm, we specialize in minimizing liability risks and preventing conflicts. If you comply with a few regulations, an effective protective screen is quickly tense. As experts, we support you in all aspects of data protection law.

Particular care is taken for internationally operating companies with cross-border data traffic. A variety of different regulations can be applied to them. A violation of the data protection law of the respective country can have serious consequences, as the case of Schrems shows. Since the European Court of Justice has expressed its opinion on the transatlantic data transfer in the Schrems case , caution should be exercised in international data exchange. The Safe Harbor system had to be completely revised and replaced with the Privacy Shield as a consequence of the judgment .

The reform of European data protection law has now been completed after almost four years. However, the new data protection rules will not come into force until 2018.

Key aspects at a glance

• Data protection organization agreements

• Order data processing contracts

• Data usage agreements

• Privacy audits & compliance

• Data Protection in Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT)

• Risk assessment for IT projects

• Privacy clauses as well as data protection clarifications and consent

• Privacy impact statements

• International data protection

• Design of international data transfers and outsourcing